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Life is gradually returning to normal.   See our Events Page for upcoming events.


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We now also have a Petanque Terrain.

Folkestone Park Bowls Club   Covid 19   Rules and procedures For 2020 Season.   Access to any part of the clubhouse is completely prohibited, access only to those Authorised by the club Secretary.   The Equipment shed is completely empty apart from 12 mats and 6 Jacks.   All remaining equipment is locked away and cannot be used by anyone.   Greens, to start with, members will only be allowed to play on the B green, and each session can only be played on alternate rinks ie :  (1,3,5) or (2,4,6)…   Access to Changing room (men’s, as ladies lockers are still in there) will be one time only, on the members very first visit, they will be allowed one time access to changing room to collect their bowls equipment, once they have their bowls items they will HAVE to take  them away and bring them with them from that day onwards.   Access to the toilets will be from the outside only, fully sanitizing equipment will be in each toilet.. Hand gel, Antibacterial handwash, antibacterial spray and hand towels.   We will need volunteers to help monitor the opening of the club and preparing the equipment for roll ups. Opening hours proposed 10 till 2pm 2 sessions 10-12 and 12.15 – 14.15 (15 mins to vacate grounds)   On page 3, is how I think the process should go every day, and all these procedures will be reviewed if government legislation and Bowls England guidance changes, at present only members of the same household or ONE other person not from same household can play singles.  (Should we have 1 couple willing to play another couple both of whom live in same household they could play against each other).   Play will only be allowed on fine weather days. Player 1 will be on mat, player 2 on the bank, when player 1 has delivered bowl, he will vacate mat going clockwise onto bank, player 2 will enter the green onto matt as player 1 vacates.   All members will have to bring their own refreshments as clubhouse and kitchen will be prohibited, the toilets can be locked from the clubhouse, so no possibility of members sneaking into kitchen etc..   All guidance posters (laminated) will be on display outside men’s changing room for reference..     Proposed opening date     Monday 8th June 2020   Max of 6 players per session.           SUGGESTED PROCEEDURES FOR OPENING.   Club Volunteer, would open club and 1/ Spray all handles with antibacterial spray. 2/ Get mats and jacks out of equipment cupboard, spray mats, and use antibacterial wipes on Jacks. 3/ Make sure only alternate rinks used. 4/ Make sure players follow guidelines of social distancing during game, players too use clockwise playing system. 5/ When games have finished members must vacate the club grounds immediately, take all their equipment home with them and dispose of any rubbish into bin on departure.   Supervise entrance to changing rooms, only 1 person at a time to get all their equipment out on very first visit. 140520_FINAL.pdf      

folkestone-park-bowls-clubFolkestone Park Bowls Club

Parks is a family oriented bowls club offering much more than just bowls.

From live entertainment to quizzes our social nights are the perfect nights out see our events section for full details and how to get involved.

We offer 2 greens for outdoor bowls in the summer and for the winter we have short mat bowls available.

Looking for a fabulous venue to hire at a reasonable price ? then ask for details of our hall hire.

This year we are offering FREE membership for all bowlers NEW to the sport for their first outdoor season.

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Folkestone Park Bowls club is the place to hire for events, parties and anniversaries.

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Every month we have events. From Bingo, Quiz nights, dance and disco to darts and bowls.

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Need to find out where we are in the Shepway Leagues? Look at the Shepway Leagues website.

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Beginners guide

Want to know what the basics of playing bowls are? Read our beginners guide to bowls.

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